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Edoardo, Irmin in art, was born on 11th November 1992. Since he was young, he has been fascinated by the world of music, thanks mainly to the influence of his parents who made him discover hard rock and metal music. Starting listening to bands like Queen, Genesis, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Rhapsody Of Fire, Blind Guardian, Nightwish and Korn, he soon moved to more extreme genres. At the age of 14, he was taken by his father to a Dark Tranquillity live show in Milan. He was immediately fascinated by Mikael Stanne's voice (and he's still now one of his biggest inspirations as singer) and decided to learn growl and scream vocal techniques. Some years later, he started taking singing lessons and started playing in some local bands as singer, doing covers of Death, Lamb Of God, Dark Tranquillity, Cradle Of Filth, Fear Factory, Carcass and Eluveitie. In 2012 he joined the newly formed gothic/death metal band Misteyes (with whom he still play now). This was his first serious musical experience as singer, which also took him on some important stages of Italy. In one of these live shows with Misteyes, he had the the chance to open for the local band Gotland. He remained in conctact with them and, when he saw they were searching for a new singer some months later, he immediately decided to propose himself! He officially joined Gotland as their new singer and frontman on July 2015. Aside from almost all the sub-genres of metal (from death to nu metal, from black to gothic and symphonic, from classic heavy metal to progressive/avantgarde and folk, but also industrial metal and deathcore), he also listen to celtic music, soundtracks, classical music and dubstep. Outside of music, he is fond of philosophy, history, mythology and literature (especially English and Italian literature). He is also keen on sci-fi novels and movies. Irmin uses a Shure Beta 58A microphone.

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Emanuele, born on 14 September 1983, aka EG Orkan, began playing guitar at the age of 14 years, taking private lessons from Michele Brigante (Shiva, Ackronym, MK Brigante). After a few years he began his musical experience playing with Lismata, Turin band with Litfiba / Timoria influences. About 2 years after, ends up the cooperation with Lismata and a few months later it will start a collaboration as a session musician at the record company ElevenMusic of Turin. In autumn of 2007, begins its adventure with Gotland. The bands that have influenced his growth as a musician are quite a few: in the early years may be mentioned J.Satriani, S.Vai, Dream Theater, Metallica, Dimmu Borgir, Sepultura, Pantera... To reach later to Death, Immortal, Windir, Behemoth, Emperor, and many others... He is also fond of Progressive Rock (Yes, Kansas, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, PFM) and record collector. Unbridled passion for cinema: from Alfred Hitchcock to Quentin Jerome Tarantino, Christopher Jonathan James Nolan, Sir Peter Robert Jackson, Guillermo Del Toro, Brian De Palama, Charles Martin Scorsese. Political view: they are all shit! He loves all animals and has the good fortune to share his way with two puppies (Argo and Noa). He deeply despise the human's hypocrisy and all evil that calve every day, destroying more and more this planet. EG Orkan uses Blackstar series One 200 head, Carvin 412 cabinet, Ibanez RGT HRG2 guitar, Ibanez JP guitar, Boss GT - 10 Guitar Effects Processor, Line 6 XD - V30L Digital Wireless Microphone System.

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Born on 30th June 1981, Lorenzo, aka Hoskuld, playing drums since the age of about 11 years. His musical experience began a few years later, playing hard rock with Jonna and then thrash metal with Tyresia. The bands that have influenced his style were originally AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica, and then draw inspiration, later, by Behemoth, Nile, Dimmu Borgir, Trollfest and many others. Of religious orientation agnostic. He's 'vegetarian. Favourite foods: pizza, beer and meringue. In his spare time he likes to run outdoors. His best season is summer. Deeply despises most Italian politicians. Among his favorite movies are V for Vendetta and The Naked Gun. He loves The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park. In radio only listens Lo Zoo di 105. He loves all animals, especially cats and rodents, but hates bedbugs and mosquitoes! Listen mainly black and death metal, but also several other genres, preferring classical music among them.His favorite band is Queen. His drum is a Pearl, with Paiste cymbals, Axis double pedal, Roland trigger for kickdrum, Alesis drum-sound module, Vic Firth drumsticks. 



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Cristina, "Var" in art, was born in Turin on 29th April 1984. Her passion for music started when she was a child, thanks to an old school metalhead brother who introduced her to the listening of music since the times she was attending primary school. Music as a form of art and culture... Her first disks were those of Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and the great artists of that epoch. Growing up she developed love for that form of art which fascinated her so much. She decided to broaden her musical view by ranging among various styles, from metal to electronic passing through classical. In everything she was listening to there was however something that hit her, and one day she figured out that something was the sound of bass. Those low frequencies and those passages, sometimes hard and sometimes melodic, acted as a springboard to get close to that instrument. So, in 2005 her path as a musician started and it took definitive shape two years later with the birth of Gotland. Among her favourite bands are Pink Floyd, Arcturus, Opeth, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Battiato, De André, Bluvertigo, Subsonica... Instrumentation: - Warwick Corvette Proline 1994 4 strings - Cort Curbow 4 strings. 



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Simone, aka Arnbjörn, started taking guitar lessons when he was twelve years old. At the beginning he started playing blues, but at the age of 14 he renewed himself starting playing metal. Most of the fun playing guitar was playing covers from Lamb of God or Petrucci's, but at the age of 16 he had some problems with his left arm, which enabled him to play guitar for half a year, with consequences that are still affecting him. When he turned 18, two months later a friend presented him to Gotland metal band and then began this great collaboration! His favourite metal bands are Lamb of God, Pantera, Testament, Meshuggah, Judas Priest, to speak about the most famous and that have influenced most his life. To speak about his life, he is vegetarian, he likes philosophy, science, psychology, physics, history and he's studying all this stuff. He likes gaming, traveling and doing little works by hand like hardware, woodworking and leather goods. The things he likes most are connecting with nature and his spiritual self. First guitar: Ibanez RG 2550Z GK, second guitar: LTD MH-400 (kindly lent by EG ORKAN!), effects: Boss GT-3 (still kindly lent by EG ORKAN!)



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